Red Wasp 25 Ephedra & Higenamine 75 Caps


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Bring on an unstoppable force with the multi-action thermo-stimulant Red Wasp 25 – the strongest fat burner ever produced in the Cloma Pharma fat burning series!

Cloma Pharma has been a leader in hardcore fat burners for years now, and their newest innovation leaps to the head of the pack in their lineup!

Red Wasp introduces new elements to fat burning, the first being the “Double Strength Yohimbe Alkaloid Blend,” a blend that combines Yohimbe HCI and Alpha Yohimbe! These two ingredients on their own headline some of the market’s top fat burners, as they slam down the gas pedal on your metabolism and hit the brakes on your appetite!

New to the Cloma Pharma product line is the stimulant Higenamine, which unlike many other stimulants, does not affect your nitric oxide production, meaning while you are burning fat, your muscles are still being saturated with nutrients, helping you to preserve muscle dropping fat.

The last new bit is the addition of Sodium Starch Glycolate (SSG), an addition that has typically only been used by pharmaceutical companies, and has now been introduced to the supplement market! SSG helps to make the ingredients it is combined with more easily absorbed, allowing them to kick in faster!!!

Force that stubborn body fat out with Red Wasp 25 by Cloma Pharma! Get it Now!