Muscle Synergy – 240 tabs

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Build Muscle!

Synergistic Blend Of 3 Distinct Compounds For Top Muscle Growth!

Muscle Synergy supplement compound is a ground breaking breakthrough for drug free muscle growth. Each component of Muscle Synergy has been shown individually to have a positive effect on muscle growth. Taken in combination as they are in Muscle Synergy you’ll experience increased strength, improved muscle recovery an incredible pump, and a dramatic boost in lean muscle mass.
First, let’s take a look at the individual components:

-Arginine has shown positive effects on growth hormone release (that have not always panned out in the real world), but its positive effect on Nitric Oxide levels is well documented. Nitric Oxide can boost muscle development, reverse muscle breakdown and enhance the body’s release of insulin.

-The muscle building power of HMB (beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutarate) has been confirmed by several studies. But, until Muscle Synergy, its promise did not translate into the real world of advanced drug free bodybuilding.

-Glutamine has been used in hospitals for years to maintain lean muscle tissue and speed recovery times of medical distress. More recently it has been embraced by the athletic community for increased protein metabolism and growth and decreased risk of overtraining.

-Creatine’s ability to boost gains in strength and lean muscle mass is well recognized. You can train heavier, get more reps, and recover quicker with creatine monohydrate.

Proven compounds equal results!

Strategic mixtures of these muscle mass-promoting agents have been involved in studies at the Nassau County Medical Center in New York and the Institute of Sport and Physical Education in Warsaw Poland. These “anabolic cocktails” combined the individual ingredients above synergistically to increase muscle growth at a rate far exceeding that expected from any of the ingredients alone.

In Poland the effect of combining Creatine Monohydrate with beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl- butarate produced significantly greater gains in strength and lean body mass than either could alone.

Beverly International’s Muscle Synergy is the first product to create a bridge from the medical research labs into the real world of non-steroid bodybuilding. Now, the same ingredients involved in the research are combined intrinsically and synergistically to build the most potent ‘super compound’ on the bodybuilding scene, MUSCLE SYNERGY.