Glutamine 300 grams

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  • Manufactured by: Univeral Nutrition

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UNIVERSAL NUTRITION® Glutamine Powder is a supplement regarded as one of the most significantly compliant among all amino acids, and considered as one of the favorite amino acids consumed by fitness fanatics and workout buffs. Some significant functions of Glutamine are:

  • – ammonia detoxification
  • – in control of protein making and degradation
  • – operates as nitrogen prototype and allocation
  • – heightens up cellular hydration
  • – boosts growth hormone making
  • – standardizes acid stability
  • – enhances the immune system.

In summary, glutamine carries out both anabolic and anti-catabolic functions. It includes 60% of the body’s common intramuscular free amino-acid pool and 20% of the common circulating amino acids. When compared with other amino acids, glutamine has two nitrogen atoms, which is why it is also called a nitrogen ‘shuttle’. Glutamine allocates nitrogen when our body needs it the most. It is also packaged in two variations: capsule and powder.


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