Amino 1900 300 Tabs


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Universal’s Amino 1900™ is the highest quality amino acid formula available.

Amino 1900™ is an incredible break-through in sports supplementation. Containing the highest potency and purest concentration of superior peptide-bonded amino acids, this exclusive formula is scientifically-balanced to help you achieve optimum muscle growth, faster recuperation, and improved performance. Readily assimilated by your working muscles, Amino 1900™ is vital to the retention of nitrogen within your body. Each serving is also packed with the three essential BCAA’s (L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine), which are direct precursors to building muscle tissue and increasing lean body mass. Increase your muscle mass, strength, nitrogen balance, and protein synthesis. Amino 1900 is rich in Methionine & BCCA’ s.