Albany Sayoc is a martial arts training group located upstairs in the MMA room here at Albany Strength. It is formulated from members of the community through their common interest of Sayoc Kali.

Sayoc Kali is a Filipino martial arts system named after the family who developed their blend of edged weapon martial arts. Sayoc Kali stresses the importance for one’s actions and informing the public of the dangers of edged weapons. It is our purpose and goal to spread awareness of Sayoc Kali and Filipino martial arts to martial arts enthusiasts and practitioners in the Capitol Region.

The training group leader is Guro Alfred Espiritu, who has been in the Sayoc Kali System since 2003.  His training began at the Botuhan School located in Upper Darby, PA led and taught by Tuhon Tom Kier.

Class Schedule: 

Tuesday: 8pm-10pm (Novice Level)

Saturday: 12pm-4pm (Advanced Level)

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